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Pay per Ad : $0.0001-$0.002[free member]Daily Earning : $0.06+/-
Number of Ads : 50+/-        Referral Limit : No limit
Wait Time : 7 days Referral Click : 30%
Cashout Via : Paypal / PayzaMin. Cashout : $1.50
Online Since : 1 Jun, 2011 Restricted Countries : None
Twickerz is a 2 years old PTC site which is known for its cheap advertising packages and decent daily earning. Site is implementing new features every month. From normal Paid To Click, they are developing into a GPT model to increase daily earning potential. Well, some of the features of this site are listed below :-

Daily Earning : There are 10 sponsored ads daily with good number of micro and fixed ads. Daily earning from ads is about $0.015.You can also earn money using TwickGrid, CrowdFlower Tasks, Matomy and SuperRewards offerwalls,virool video,paid to signup.

Referral System : There is no limit on referring members. However, you can't have more than 50% of referrals from your own country. You will also earn 10% of advertising purchases made by your referrals and $1 if they upgrade. One important thing : you will earn referral income only from sponsored, extended and standard ads they click.

Advertising Shares : This is their new feature which they implemented on 26th March and is in Beta right now. You can purchase a share for $10 and earn $0.10 in return for 150 days. You can buy multiple shares and maximum number of shares depends on the memberships you have. Free memberships can buy maximum of 5 shares. You can buy shares only through your account balance. You will get 1000 PTC credits and an increment in per click rate.

TwickGrid : This is the name of their Grid Game in which you need to click on one of the squares. You can win either $0.10 or $5 cash. Unlike other sites, here odds of winning are high.

TwickCoins : You will earn coins for completing offerwalls offers and watching videos. However, these coins will be converted after 30 days. one coin = $0.005. 

TwickPoints : They have an amazing point system. You can earn points by referring members, playing grid game, clicking ads and completing PTSU. You can convert points into Purchase Balance for advertising. Conversion rate is $1 for 5000 Points. Not only that, you can also buy memberships using your TwickPoints at very low price. If you have enough TwickPoints for a membership, it will only cost 20% of a actual membership price. A $100 membership would cost only 100,000 Points which is equivalent to $20 and same goes to all other memberships.

Upgrades : They have different types of upgrades, ranging from $10 to $900. Lowest is Lv.1 for $10(10,000 Points) and Lv.2 for $20(20,000 Points) which are the profitable upgrades and you don't need any referral to earn back your investment. Other upgrades need decent amount of referrals to earn profit. Daily click earning from upgrades range from $0.10 to $0.40.

 Advertising : They have one of the cheapest advertising packages. Starting prices of advertising as follows :

  •   Paid To Click - As low as $0.10 for 100 credits
  •   Paid To Sign Ups - $2 for 10 credits
  •   Fixed Ads 3 Sec Timer - As low as $3 a day to $50 a month.
  •   Login Ads - $10 for a month.
  •   Banner Impressions - $0.10 for 1000 impressions
  •   Twick Grid - $15 for one month
  •   Featured Links - $3 for one month
  •   Featured Ads - $2 for 50000 credits

Fast Support : This is the best thing about this site. Their support system is very fast. Admin is active on forums too and other staff members manage support tickets.

Fixed Payout : Minimum cashout is $1.50 for all payment processors and fixed. You can request by Paypal, Payza, Perfect Money and Egopay.

Wait Time Wait Time is 7 days in TOS but you will be paid within a day. Admin makes payment daily before 2PM Philippines time.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

An Elite paying GPT Site GetPaid (

An Elite paying GPT Site GetPaid ( is a GPT site where you get paid to complete offers, play games, watch videos, complete tasks (CrowdFlower), surveys, and other online earning opportunities. Their offer walls include, RadiumOne, PaymentWall, Matomy, TokenAds, Wallads, SuperRewards, and SuperSonicAds. Earnings are in "coins" and can be cashed out for cash , gift cards or some products like Ipad, kindle, PS3. Each coin equals about $0.002

The site has been paying since July 2006 and will be moved from the Legit List to the Elite List. No investment required only your time is needed to earn from this site.
See the PTC Investigation Review here


  • Site type : Get paid to complete tasks, Get paid to complete surveys, Get paid to sign up, etc.
  • Pays per Offer : Varies according to the offer.
  • Payout minimum : $0.5
  • Payout methods : Paypal, Payza(Alertpay), WEBMONEY
  • Waiting time : 24-48 hours.
  • No. of ads available : Varies
  • No. of Offers available : Varies according to geographic location and eligibility.
  • Avg earnings per day : varies
  • Referral levels : 2 levels (20%, 10%)
  • Direct referrals limit : Unlimited
  • Referral earnings : 20% of level 1 referral earnings, 10 % of level 2 referral earnings.
  • Countries accepted : ALL.

Detailed info
  • Referral earnings: has a 2 level referral system :
    • Junior members: Level 1 : 20%, Level 2 : 10%
    • Senior members: Level 1 : 25%, Level 2 : 15%
    • Master members: Level 1 : 30%, Level 2 : 20%
  • Types of offers available: Daily surveys, Download offers, Complete tasks, Sign up offers, Cashback offers, Paid to watch videos, Paid to click ads, etc.
  • Offer Walls:Offer wall is a page containing offers from other sites. This site has offerwalls from the following companies:
    • Crowdflower tasks
    • Matomy money
    • Payment Wall
    • Radium One
    • Super Rewards
    • Supersonic ads
  • 100 points = $1
  • $0.50 is the minimum cashout for all except some countries
  • For some countries, the minimum cashout is $1.
  • Upgrades
    • Users do not have to pay anything to upgrade to the next level.
    • Once you have 150 referrals, you will be upgraded to senior level.
    • Once you have 500 referrals, you will be upgraded to the master level.
  • was initially launched at the domain in 2006 and recently changed the domain to


  • Unlimited number of direct referrals: Members can refer as many direct referrals as they can. There are no limits on the number of referrals that a user can have. This means members who can refer more people can make more money from this website.
  • 2 Level referral program: Users can earn from their referrals up to 2 levels.
  • Low Fixed cashout minimum: The minimum cashout amount of piggybankgpt is $0.5 for all members except users from some countries having a minimum payout of $1. As per their current rules, the minimum cashout amount will not be increased after any number of cashouts.
  • A well established website: Get-paid was launched in February 2006 and it has been paying without any problem since 2006
  • Paying: This website has been paying its users and the payments proofs can be seen on many websites.Here is my payment proof screenshot.
  • Payment Proof

Some Features...

XP are experience points. Which you earn from your activity on the site. Tasks such as logging in for the day, posting on the forum, completing offers, referring others, ect... For every coin you earn you will also receive matching experience points. Experience points help you reach other membership levels.

Levels help increase your earning potential. With referrals, the higher your level goes you will also unlock referral boost status. Which will increase the percentage that you earn from your referrals.

Referral Bonuses - Keep in mind that if you are one of those who doesn't have many offers to complete, you can refer top tier countries and earn from those referrals and bonus from those referrals. Which equals to about $0.002 to $0.20 depending on your referral's location.